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Black History Month Review

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#ColourOutTheBox podcast, where we discuss Creativity, Life and Culture…… Mo is Joined by co-host Jay.
On the podcast we discuss, Black History Month, we talk about how the corporate/ work world is acknowledging Black History Month in the UK this year. Our thoughts on Channel 4 Black To Front programme schedule, including the reality show Highlife and the different types of representation on TV. We explore the question of do we need a Black History Month going forward?
We talk about our actives and events we have attended, including: Film screening for “The Harder They Fall” staring Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors and Regina King. The Black Pound Day pop-up shop, Black Owned Hackney Market. Supporting Black Owned business, especially outside of food and beauty. A quick diversion into cultural appropriation, but we also take the opportunity to highlight Black talent. As mentioned on the podcast: @MNEK Twitter Thread of Black British Women artists:
#ColourOutTheBox podcast, where we discuss Creativity, Life and Culture……
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