It’s Time to Learn & Try Something New, FT: Wize Grazette: Episode 65

It’s Time to Learn & Try Something New, FT: Wize Grazette: Episode 65

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Mo and guest Wize Grazette of the Indie Creative Network:

The on-going pandemic of COVID-19, Wize shares more about the current situation in New York, as New York state alone has accounted for more than 30,000 cases of the virus, hence the importance of staying at home. Mo and Wize also share how they are spending their time, and the opportunity to be creative and create new content, whilst we are all in lockdown. Remote podcasting and investing time and money to secure your future, also self-improvement.

It’s a minisode, but listen to end for a sneak-peak of next week’s full episode, where Wize returns to discuss Only Fans and polyamorous relationships.

This episode was recorded remotely as we all continue with Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine, Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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Guest co-host: Wize Grazette.

THE INDIE CREATIVE NETWORK: ICN.DJ is dedicated to the Advancement of African Diasporic Storytellers in Digital Spaces including; Podcasts, Web Series, Documentaries and Feature Films.


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