“Simple conversation between friends….”

COLOUR OUT THE BOX, is a podcast, community, blog and platform all in one. Started as two friends who wanted to document their weekly conversations about their everyday lived experiences has now grown into an online community that gives a voice to people of the African and Afro Caribbean Diaspora to tell stories and share their unique take, all whilst navigating the complexities of modern life.

“Allow me to re-introduce myself *Jay-Z voice* my name is Mo (@MoActuallyUK) the voice behind the microphone, founder, producer and terrible tea maker. I love podcasts, creating and consuming, so COLOUR OUT THE BOX, remains a labour of love. I wanted to create something that someone like me *Coughs in their 30s* would listen to and talk with my circle of friends “

A podcast that covers everything from racial politics in the workplace, the perils of online dating, absurd happenings in pop-culture or even pondering what it means to be Black and British. Just a few of the topics, we open up for discussion giving our personal perspective.

Honest and open debate between friends, no filter, no subject too sensitive and we always aim to inform. 

Mo, founder & host