You are currently viewing Made in the Diaspora & Managing a PR Crisis Feat: Ronke Lawal @ronkelawal, PR Consultant & Founder of @ariatuPR

Made in the Diaspora & Managing a PR Crisis Feat: Ronke Lawal @ronkelawal, PR Consultant & Founder of @ariatuPR

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#ColourOutTheBox podcast, where we discuss Creativity, Life and Culture……
Mo is Joined by guest Ronke Lawal, PR and Communications Specialists.

This week we talk creativity and explore the culture.

  • Ronke talks about dealing with a PR crisis, old tweets, brand miss-steps and the right way to make a public apology.
  • Listener Warning and timestamp: (12:00) to (17:30) we touch upon the recent Noel Clarke sexual harassment allegations in the media industry.
  • Daniel Kaluuya Oscar Win and Diaspora Identity: Is his award a win for Black Brits or his home country of Uganda? Can we claim our parent’s country or are we just British?
  • Performative displays of your culture and the importance of feeling comfortable and authentic.
  • Dreaming Whilst Black BBC TV Show and web series, Black representation on UK TV & lessons learnt from Nollywood.

(1) Khadija Mbowe, YouTube Channel: video essays on various topics and explores race, feminism, colourism and intersectionality in a very accessible way. Checkout her recent video on Hip Hop Video Vixens from the early 2000s:
(2)** A tribute to Jimi Folajimi Olubunmi-Adewole, who sadly lost his life, trying to save a woman who fell into the River Thames. Join the campaign to get Jimi a memorial plaque to honour his heroic actions:

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