Oprah interviewing Meghan & Harry, Behind Her Eyes, Namaste Wahala

Oprah interviewing Meghan & Harry, Behind Her Eyes, Namaste Wahala

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#ColourOutTheBox podcast, where we discuss Creativity, Life and Culture……
Mo is Joined be May (@MsMay213)

This Episode contains spoilers

This week we discuss “The Culture”

Quick update as to what has been going on while the podcast has been on hiatus.
Meghan and Harry, Oprah interview and the UK press (5:10).
“Namaste Wahala”, the Netflix film where Bollywood and Nollywood collide (20:40)
For the culture we breakdown the Netflix mini-series “Behind Her Eyes” and the importance of minding your business and how that ending left us shocked (30:35)
Finally our initial thoughts on Coming 2 America 2, as part of highlight of the week.

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