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The “Strong” Black Woman Trope, damaging or empowering?

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EP.72 The “Strong” Black Woman Trope, damaging or empowering?

Mo is joined by guest May, returnee guest co-host. We talk about Black Lives Matter being on the world agenda as protests continue globally, including London and around the UK. Discussing race with work colleagues and the pressure to be the black representative. The main discussion centers around the stereotype and trope of the “Strong Black Women”. We explore the origins and how the stereotype can be damaging to black women’s wellbeing. Including medical bias and the risk in child birth. We look at examples in the media and how we are perceived by others around us. Referencing public figures such as Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, Issa Rae and more.

Resources mentioned during the podcast: Amanda Wright “The problem with the strong black woman stereotype’ BBC short documentary”

The Take ”The Strong Black Woman Trope, Explained”
The Black Curriculum:

This episode was recorded remotely as we all continue with Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine, Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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