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Platonic Friends & Exile In The Friend Zone: Episode 26

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This week it’s a bonus episode, often after recording the conversation continues and some interesting topics and subjects can be brought up. After last week’s episode we kept the microphones on to discuss platonic friends, the friend zone and how to curve unwanted attention from so called admirers.
Mo is again joined Bode Sharp (@BodeSharp), Life Coach expert and Yvonne, co-founder of (@100WomenAfrica).
Listen to last week’s episode Long Distance Relationships and Cultural Appropriation, to learn more about our guests.

About our guests:
Bode Sharp:, @BodeSharp, Spread Love:
Yvonne,, @100WomenAfrica

@WENetworking on Instagram:
The empowerment of women of the African diaspora by utilising and accessing shared resources and skills. Follow on Instagram for events coming soon and DM to be featured if you have a project or business you want to highlight to the growing network.

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