Can we talk for a minute?”: Episode 52

Can we talk for a minute?”: Episode 52

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Returning guest co-host @StavrosBoss of the ESN Podcast (Eloquently Saying Nothing)

In this digital age its so easy to throw a text out to friends and family to checkin but not really understand how they are feeling. How many times have you answered “I’m Fine” when feeling overwhelmed and tired? What things do you keep from others? Do you consider yourself an extrovert or introvert?

On this special “mini-sode” Mo and Stavros ask these questions to get to know each and push beyond the surface. All inspired by trying to improve our mental health awareness and consideration of others. The conversation is at times funny, frustrating and awkward.

Side note:
Why the new Power Theme songs needs to be changed back and giving Joe Thomas his RnB accolades.

Host: Mo (@MoActuallyUK)

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