You are currently viewing All is equal in love and pay …. Well maybe not: Episode 15

All is equal in love and pay …. Well maybe not: Episode 15

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Mo & Jay are back after a short break. This week talking about racial bias in online dating and discuss the recent controversy around the Chanel 4 documentary “Is Love Racist?” which explores racism in Britain through modern dating apps.

Jay raises the issues of work base politics and why women bosses are referred to as being “catty”, whilst men are given the label of “go-getters”. Also the importance of after work drinks and “playing the game” to move up the career ladder.
Mo talks about working for men vs women, revealing her preference and touches upon on the scandal surrounding the BBC wage gap between men and women.

Our highlights of the week include:

The movie “Girls Trip”

Zanele Muholi, art exhibition

@BlackBritishBanter Instagram/ Facebook, highlighting Black British Positivity

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