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Dating, Relationships and Defining Your Racial Identity. Feat: Lara Legros

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#ColourOutTheBox podcast, where we discuss Creativity, Life and Culture……
Mo is Joined by fintech Professional and Londoner, Lara Legros.

This week we talk “Life”
Dating in a post lockdown, pandemic world. We explore re-learning social interactions and combating social anxiety. Dating with purpose and finding real advice (not from Kevin Samuels and Derrick Jaxn). A frank conversation about how your racial identity can affect your dating prospects. How do we self-identify race, culture and ethnicity, also how that can differ depending upon where you are in the world. Lara gives an honest account of her feelings on the label of “mixed-raced” vs “Black”.
Moving to London or any major city and as an immigrant and the difficulty of finding your tribe/ community, within a city that is not always welcoming.

Both Mo and Lara talk about the “Race Report” commissioned by the UK Government and chaired by Tony Sewell. The discussion centres around Institutional Racism within the UK.

Highlight of the week: (1) The film/ movie: Rocks is a 2019 British coming-of-age drama directed by Sarah Gavron, staring Bukky Bakray. (2) Coinbase billion dollar valuation.

About our guest: LARA LEGROS (Instagram) @miss.Legros
(About) is a Haitian Spanish young professional who migrated to London ten years ago, after obtaining her Law degree. Despite her passion for Human Rights and International law, she felt compelled to find a new career path. A few years ago, Lara found herself intrigued by the new developments in the Financial Technology industry (FinTech) where currently she is building her expertise. True to her mission, she continues her commitment in bringing awareness to the importance of Diversity and Inclusion in the industry whilst writing a blog about her personal journey as a single Black mixed woman in Europe, navigating the challenges of racial fluency and language barriers.

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