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Home Schooling, Furlough, IG Battles & Repeat: Episode 68

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Guest May, school Deputy Head and Educator, gives an insider view of the education system during the global pandemic, including tips and advice on keeping children occupied whilst at home. We talk Furlough and ask the question, should big companies expect a bailout from the government? Richard Branson (Virgin) and Victoria Beckham are current examples in the news. Being an extrovert or introvert during lockdown, who is coping best? May and Mo also talk Instagram sound clashes/ battles: Teddy Riley Vs Babyface and Mariah Vs Beyoncé.

Resources mentioned during the podcast:
BBC bitesize /
Oak National Academy /
No Signal Radio /

This episode was recorded remotely as we all continue with Social Distancing and Self-Quarantine, Stay Home and Stay Safe.

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