Moral Billionaires, Diddy Vs Mase, Branding and Feeling S.A.D, FT @_demiharper: Episode 60

Mo (@moactuallyUK) and guest co-host Demi Harper (@_demiharper), discuss:

Branding basics and how to define your unique selling point, we discuss some of the best iconic brands. Is it possible to become a billionaire and maintain your morals? Mase calls out Diddy (Sean Combs) over ownership of his masters. Kelis and The Neptunes.
Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) and managing your mental health.

Highlight of the week:
The Brand Gap: The Brand Gap: Revised Edition: How to Bridge the Distance Between Business Strategy and Design : a Whiteboard Overview (Aiga Design Press)

Queen And Slim soundtrack

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