Is this your King….. of RnB?”: Episode 54

Is this your King….. of RnB?”: Episode 54

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Simple conversation between friends #ColourOutTheBox

Host: Mo (@MoActuallyUK), is joined by Nathan(@DJImpulseV1).

It has been a challenging week, so on the episode we are taking a news break, timeout from the timeline, and taking a well needed selfceare moment.

So instead we take a deep-dive into music, RnB and try to identify who we think is the King.

We created a playlist, for all the songs featured on the episode. SPOTIFY:


Nathan @DJImpulseV1, Mixcloud:

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Intro music: Nangdo “1st 2 Know “

Outro music: “LoveChances” ( by Makaih Beats:


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